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Sa lahat ng myembro ng PH CHEATS paki like naman ang page ng ating partner site na love sign.I click lang ito..[][][]

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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:04 am

Official Rules of the Board

1. Use the search function before posting a support question
The reason we ask that you do this, is to avoid duplicated posts (spam) and because often you will see that your question/idea has already been posted and perhaps answered.

2. Posting
Do not post Capslock ex. " HINDI GUMAGANA ANG WALLHACKS "
Do post in appropriate forum.

3. Absolutely no illegal activity is permitted
Do not post Copyrighted material such as guides from other websites.
Do not post Warez, Crack or Serial key for any softwares
Do not post links to sites such as Cheats/Hacks sites unless you wish to report something to an admin/mod.

4. No offensive material of any kind is allowed
Refrain from posting pornographic material or anything unsuitable for minors.
Think about younger users before you post.

5. Keep it friendly
Show respect to other members.
Flaming may result in Bans or suspensions.

6. No Spamming
No Double Posts. If you need to include something you forgot to mention, we ask that you edit your previous post. This will keep the forum clean and easier for everyone to read.
Do not post the same thread (or its functional equivalent) in more than one forum.
No posting of Referral websites is permitted.
Promoting competitive Web sites is not permitted.

7. The creation or use of multiple accounts is not allowed
Multiple account use is not permitted, and as such, multiple accounts will be banned.
If an account is created in order to avoid a suspension, the original account may receive further punishment.

8. Signature & Avatar Restrictions
Signatures must remain a reasonable size. This is simply a matter of convenience when reading the forum.
Inappropriate Signatures, either due to size or content, may be changed without notice.
No posting of Referral websites is permitted.

9. Restrictions on posting external links (Instant Ban!)
*Any PHCHEATS staff may deem specific links to be acceptable or unacceptable, pending Owner/Admin approval.
No advertisement is permitted.
No posting of Referral websites is permitted.
No posting of competitive websites is permitted.
No links to malicious content may be posted.
No petition threads may be posted on the forum.
No links that break any other rules may be posted. (Ex. Pornographic web sites.)

10. Do not insult PHCHEATS Members & Staffs
Do not insult the forum itself.
Do not insult any staff, including: S Moderators, Moderators, Admins or Frsd - The Owner
LnlGaming would like to maintain a good reputation, so anyone breaking this rule will be acted upon very strictly and will be banned.

Do not Post All Caps
Do not Advertise website such a Game Cheats site.
Do not Insult Staffs!
Do not Flood or Spam
Please report any posts or other activity that you feel
is in violation of any of the aforementioned rules.
Proper action will soon take place, if necessary.

Breaking any of the above rules may result in temporary suspensions or permanent bans, without notice. Please follow these simple rules to keep our forum a happy place . If these rules are adhered to, the forum will be much easier to read, many problems will be solved quicker, and your experience with PH CHEATS will be the best that it can be!

Thank you,

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Forum Rules
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